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Window Balance Questions

If your window balance system is damaged or your pivot shoes are broken your window may fall back down when you attempt to raise it up. This could be caused by a multitude of issues such as your balance rods (such as a spiral balance or channel balance) your pivot shoes or even your pivot bars.

Also commonly known as a window spiral balance your balance rod is what holds up a wide variety of windows in the “up” position.

Our shop sells spiral window balances in a wide variety of weight classes and sizes. Send in the length of your tube to us along with a picture of the end for a quote. We can ship out these parts to locations all over the US and Canada.

It depends on what type of balance system you need. Send in pictures and we will figure out which ones you need.

In simple terms it holds your window in the up position.

Measure only the length of the metal or plastic tube itself, do not measure the colored tip at the end. You should end up with a exact (or nearly exact) inch increment.

Normally you would use a window balance tool there is both a tilt or non-tilt tool variety available online on some websites that specialize in these tools. We can also ship you out one if needed, just email us for details.

You may have a cover hiding the hole to remove your window balance shoe. Otherwise you may need to make a cutout on the top for the lower sash or a cutout on the bottom for the top sash. Send us over some pictures and we will help figure out the hardware and the cutout that you need.

Window Operator Questions

Your window operator opens and closes the window, it is the piece that functions to assist in operating your window by cranking it open and closed.

You may have to detach the operator and remove a few screws. You can send us in pictures to better assist you with this or for us to find the correct hardware piece you need.

We sell & ship a wide assortment of window operators. Send in pictures of yours for a quote on the cost and to see if it is available either in stock or for back-order.

We can identify the window operator you need, just email us in some good pictures of your current operator for your window.


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Window Replacement Parts

Our friendly staff will help you with questions and to look for the parts that you need to repair your windows. If you are not confident to tackle the repairs yourself, come and talk to our staff and they will have a look at what is needed for the job, give you a cost estimate and source the parts that you need.

When ordering your window replacement parts that you need, please ensure that the part is correct by sending us in photos or contacting the original company to see that they are available from the manufacturer. The wait time for the parts varies from a couple of days to about a month depending on the type you need and if we are required to make modifications.

If you live in Franklin Park, Illinois you can even choose from different services (either in-shop or on location) for us to carry out the work for you. If you live elsewhere in the country you can get in touch with us directly and have us ship the part out to your business or home. Just give us a call at (847)462-4412 or send us over an e-mail.